7 - Quake 3 Engine Game Specific Shader Keywords

Q3Map2 Shader Manual

The Quake 3 Engine has been licensed to several different companies for the development of third party games. This chapter is a sub-manual documenting the Quake 3 Engine game specific shader keywords developed for third party games like Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Jedi Knights II, Soldier of Fortune II, Jedi Academy, Star Trek: Elite Force, as examples.

Note: These are just keywords that have been submitted by people on the forums/irc channels. I have no idea about the accuracy of this chapter. Please use with caution. Please e-mail me (Obsidian) for any additions or error corrections to this list.

All default Quake III Arena shader keywords *should* also work for the below list of games.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Q3Map Specific Surface Parameter Shader Keywords
surfaceparm grasssteps
surfaceparm gravelsteps
surfaceparm metalsteps
surfaceparm roofssteps
surfaceparm snowsteps
surfaceparm woodsteps
surfaceparm ladder
surfaceparm carpetsteps (ET???)
surfaceparm glass
surfaceparm playerslick
surfaceparm entityMergable???
surfaceparm monsterSlick
surfaceparm nofog

Are these surfaceparm's?

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Note: unless otherwise noted, all RTCW keywords also work in ET.

Q3Map Specific Shader Keywords

Q3Map Specific Surface Parameter Shader Keywords
surfaceparm landmines

Raven Software

Jedi Knights II, Jedi Academy, Soldier of Fortune II

Q3Map Specific Shader Keywords
q3map_flare [shadername]

Ritual Entertainment

Q3Map Specific Shader Keywords

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