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Q3Map2 Shader Manual

The Q3Map2 Edition of the Shader Manual

Q3Map2 is an updated version of the original Q3Map program used to compile .map files created in a level editor such as Radiant into .bsp files used by Quake III engine games. Since it's introduction, ydnar has added so many new features and improved efficiency to the degree where Q3Map2 has become the standard compiling program for the level editing community as well as for many commercial games.

While still accurate, the original QeRadiant Shader Manual written by the staff at id Software did not contain shader keywords pertaining to the new Q3Map2, hence the need for this updated version of the manual including recent developments to the compiler.

This manual is based on the original manual with some minor reformatting, edits and error corrections, but the main difference is the inclusion of Q3Map2 specific shader keywords. Additionally, this version also includes an expanded appendix with information on selected Q3Map2 features as well as a new chapter for shader keywords used specifically with third party Quake III engine games.

Since Q3Map2 is being updated with additional features on a regular basis, this manual will also be updated to reflect any new shader keywords being introduced so check back for updates.



Q3Map2 Shader Manual
Written by Obsidian and ydnar

The Q3Map2 Shader Manual is based on the QeRadiant Shader Manual - Revision #12. Other portions were adapted from the Q3Map2 Handbook (Beta Edition), the Q3Map2 Readme document, and from various discussions on the forums/IRC channels. All works were consulted with permission from the authors.

QeRadiant Shader Manual, Revision #12
  • Written by Paul Jaquays and Brian Hook.
  • Additional material by John Carmack, Christian Antkow, Kevin Cloud and Adrian Carmack.
  • Converted into a web friendly version by John Hutton.
  • Appendix A by TTimo.
Q3Map2 Handbook (Beta Edition)
  • Written by Jetscreamer, Shadowspawn and ydnar.
Q3Map2 Readme
  • Written by ydnar
Special Thanks:
  • Paul Jaquays for his support, feedback and for writing the original QeRadiant Shader Manual.
  • ydnar for Q3Map2, thereby making level editing 2x more fun at 1/10 the compile time. Thanks for his technical expertise and help in writing this manual.
This is not an id Software product. Do not contact them for support.


Shader Manual Development
Feel free to e-mail me if you have any suggestions, comments or error corrections. meridanox@gmail.com

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