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Doom 3 BFG mod launcher and a few Doom 3 mods from the past

A news post not directly related to Phaeton.

I began learning C++ / Qt5 recently so that I can advance on Phaeton development without waiting for help that even money can't buy apparently. The first fruit of my learning is Doom 3 BFG mod launcher that helps you prep Doom 3 BFG to run mods and then load mods you have installed previously. No more messing with .cfg files and cmd line arguments! Everything is done with a click of a button or two :)

I am absolutely certain it has bugs and all, but if you follow instructions, it should work without a fuss.

Feel free to download it and give it a spin:


I took liberty in prepping a few mods for Doom 3 to run with Doom 3 BFG. You can download them from the same place. Some will run flawlessly, while some might have some hiccups. I am still authoring Wulfen texture packs, and it will take a while since I am running at highest quality compression possible. "Alpha" release of Wulfen for Doom 3 BFG is ready, which is mars_city1 map (all textures that were modified on that map are ready).

Hopefully you will enjoy it!

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